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Hi. I’m Josh. I’m the founder and CEO of Clatter. And before that, I founded (and continue to run) Mediatavern, a creative agency focused on solutions for enterprise clients.

Having run a creative agency for over 20 years, I’ve discovered there are, essentially, two types of work. There’s the sexy work. Defining brands. Developing a messaging strategy. Concepting design treatments. While our agency loves that work, it’s not typically what pays the rent. It’s the other type of work, the creative production, that does. 

I would argue that creative production is more critical as it takes the sexy, foundational work and turns it into the assets that marketing and sales use to bring the brand to life: a great campaign, ad, brochure, PowerPoint presentation or website. It’s that final, customer-facing product that matters most.

For our agency, the creative production – taking the brand, messaging and design work and executing it across a myriad of digital and print collateral is our bread-and-butter. And we’re passionate about it.

Now here’s where Clatter comes in…

About five years ago, we noticed a trend. Our clients (who are typically heads of marketing at large enterprise companies) needed an increasing quantity of the same high-end creative production work we specialized in, but they wanted it faster and for it to be less expensive. In all fairness, don’t all customers want that?  It was through a series of customer discussions, whiteboarding sessions, and eventually prototypes that the idea of Clatter, a web-based suite of software (SaaS) tools that could automate large parts of creative production for enterprises, was born.

In addition to using flexible templates to quickly and cost-effectively create presentations, collateral and microsites, we saw this as an opportunity to wrap content management and search around these tools. This solved the clients’ desires for fast(er), cheap(er) and high quality. It also let us build features that ensure everything that Clatter creates offers consistent branding and messaging.

So why Clatter? Why have a blog? The Clatter blog is here to offer sales teams, product teams and marketers insight on how to work faster and more efficiently. It will also offer help on how to get the most out of the Clatter suite.

Thanks for reading. Now get back to being productive. We sure are!

Josh Newman
Managing Partner

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