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Clatter's Collateral Maker allow you to easily produce beautiful marketing collateral fast.

Customized marketing collateral sets — fast and easy

Collateral Maker is a content repository and simple “point and click” content creation tool for building all different types of print and digital collateral. Need a single piece or even an entire collateral set with aligned branding and messaging? No problem. Collateral Maker makes it easy to create beautiful, on-brand sets of ready-to-print or digital collateral across multiple formats like fliers, brochures, placemats, and more.

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Marketing Collateral Design Maker

Customization is fast because your approved templates and formats are pre-loaded into the platform. With just a few clicks and no need for additional design resources, you can create customized fliers, brochures, placemats, and more. You can export as a PowerPoint document, to make it easy to edit offline, or as a locked PDF to prevent others from making changes.

You create the approved content repository with built-in version control, enabling total consistency in your brand, design, and message, so that everyone across marketing and sales, in all channels, is aligned.

Share digital collateral internally or with customers, in editable or read-only formats, directly from the platform. Output content in any standard format: PDF, PPTX, HTML, ZIP. Preview collateral before printing to catch errors before they cost you. Connect with print-on-demand services to have pieces automatically printed and shipped.

Access the cloud-based solution from anywhere. Manage master templates, content, categories and users from a central admin area. Eliminate cross-referencing and backtracking—changes made to master content or brand templates automatically feed into new collateral. Users get notifications when content is updated. 

Gain visibility into your best performing collateral. Track progress with integrated reporting by user, content, or filter categories.

“90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales material because it is irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to customize.”


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