Product marketing tools for fast & easy content

Easily deliver on-brand product content for marketing and sales.

Your product launched. You need content to match it.

Your focus is on understanding the customer and delivering that next great product. But it’s all for nothing until marketing and sales have the time to update the sales content. And when they don’t? And that old product still gets pitched? It’s frustrating. Or worse – non-compliant. We get it. That’s why we created Clatter.

With Clatter you can easily update the product content yourself or have marketing take care of it – it won’t be delayed when it only takes a few minutes

Ready to stop your worries about updating product content?

Marketing and legal teams spend 15% less time dealing with the impact of non-compliant content with solutions like Clatter.


What product managers achieve with Clatter:

Easy searchable access to the full project library

Ability to add, edit or remove content without developers

Consistent, on-brand look and feel without extra design help

Cohesive product information from one seller to another

Clean, easy-to-read documents rather than messy spreadsheets

More time for higher-value work

The Easy Product Content Solution

The ability to push new or updated product content to marketing and sales is critical to any company. But it's hard and often takes a lot of time, even just to track down which content needs to be updated. That’s why Clatter focuses on making it fast and easy.

All sales content in one handy library

Whether you’re making the update yourself or asking marketing to do it, you can rest easy knowing the content that needs to be created or updated is easy to find. The Clatter project library is your company’s pre-approved sales and marketing content library and content creation wizard wrapped up in one.

From the library you simply choose your content type and pre-approved template if you’re creating something new, or just search for the asset that needs updating. You can push bulk updates all at once to save even more time. So you can say goodbye to your worries that something may have been missed.

A fast and easy presentation creator for building and updating PowerPoint decks

When you have a new product or feature ready for sales to pitch, we know you want it in their hands as soon as it’s ready to be sold. That’s why Presentation Maker makes it fast and easy. Just start on your Clatter project library that’s pre-loaded with all of your presentation templates and approved slides, choose what you want to create (or update), and with a few clicks, you’re done.

An easy way to create the best product collateral

Creating a high performing product one sheet takes time. When you land on a template that works, you want to make it keep working even when the product changes. That’s where Clatter comes in. You just start on your Clatter project library, choose your pre-approved collateral type and updated product content. With Collateral Maker, you have a beautifully designed, on-brand product collateral ready in just minutes.

A tool for designed, accurate data-driven report generation

Data-driven product summaries can be really challenging to build. It’s nearly impossible to make the format easy to understand while also making it look polished and ensuring it’s on-brand. That’s why Clatter made it fast and easy. Just start on your project library and choose a template that’s already pre-set to pull the right data into the right fields. Just update the data table, and Summary Maker enables marketing and sales to create formatted, data-heavy product summaries in minutes.

A microsite builder without the need for designers or developers

Sometimes a new product requires an interactive online experience to bring it to life. But it can be challenging to get the marketing design and web developer resources needed to build a microsite or even a landing page. With Microsite Maker, marketing can create landing pages and full microsites with just a few clicks, without the need for additional resources.

See it and you’ll believe it.

The best way to see Clatter is up close and personal.