Marketing materials centralized, standardized & customized

Designed by marketers for marketers, with your productivity (and sanity) in mind.

You don’t have time to waste.

You have an inbox that’s never empty and a to-do list that, well, never gets done. Every project is urgent. We get it. That’s why we created Clatter.

Clatter was designed specifically to stop the drain on your productivity (and patience) when creating and customizing presentations, marketing collateral or any data-heavy document — enabling you to more efficiently create communications that are polished, professional, and bound to make an impact.

Each product features centralized search, making it fast and easy to find what you’re looking for. You control access to pre-approved content, based on filters you assign. Standardization across the board ensures brand consistency. Every time.

Plus Clatter offers content analytics and reporting, so you know what’s being used. Or not. Ouch.

Want to ensure your collateral gets used?

“Enterprise organizations lose over $2.3 million each year because of opportunity costs associated with underused or unused marketing content.”


What marketers achieve with Clatter:

Consistent, on-brand look and feel without extra design help

Cohesive brand story from one seller to another

Ability to add, edit or remove content without developers

Customizations in minutes, not days (or weeks)

Visibility into content performance

Decreased design and developer expense

More predictable marketing costs

More time for higher-value work

The Sales Content Solution, Designed by Marketers

Finding a content management and content creation tool that both marketing and sales will use (and love) can be really hard. That’s why Clatter focuses on making it easy.

One content hub, many content types

If you’re a marketer in charge of sales presentations, collateral, and other types of sales content, Clatter is the place you start your day. It’s your content library and content creation wizard wrapped up in one.

PowerPoint decks? Sell sheets? Data sheets? Brochures? Placemats? Microsites? Landing pages? Business reports? You can say goodbye to the “where do I look for that” scramble when you use Clatter. If the marketing team makes it, the Clatter content hub is where you find it.

From the hub you simply choose your content type and template and then click here and there to pull in the different pre-approved assets you want to use to create or customize your latest project.

A presentation creator so fast and easy, Sales will use it, too

We know that marketers spend a lot of their time customizing PowerPoint presentations for specific prospects for Sales. This can make it hard to find the time to create that needed-it-yesterday content. Clatter makes it easy. Just start on your Clatter project library that’s pre-loaded with all of your presentation templates and approved slides, and start clicking. Presentation Maker makes it so easy to customize presentations that Sales teams often use it themselves.

A platform that makes it easy to create the best collateral

Who knew that it could take (seemingly endless) hours to create really great sell sheets and brochures. Well, marketers, obviously. And because no one has endless hours to waste, Clatter makes it fast and easy. You just start on your Clatter project library, choose your collateral type and template, and with a few clicks you’re done. With Collateral Maker, you have a beautifully designed, on-brand piece of collateral ready to go in just minutes.

A tool that makes beautiful data-driven report generation a breeze

The bane of every marketer’s existence is that dreaded report that’s all data tables but needs to look polished. And then needs to be customized for many different customers. Ugh. Now you can say goodbye to the endless copy-paste between Excel and PowerPoint. With Clatter you start on your content hub and choose a template that’s already pre-set to pull the right data into the right fields. With Summary Maker it’s a breeze to create beautifully formatted, on-brand, data-heavy reports.

A way to create beautiful microsites without designers or developers

Sales needs more customized online experiences for prospects, but building custom microsites doesn’t just take time, it takes extra resources. Not with Clatter. You just start on your Clatter project library and choose from your pre-loaded templates and assets. With Microsite Maker, you can create customized, on-brand landing pages and full microsites with just a few clicks.

See it and you’ll believe it.

The best way to see Clatter is up close and personal.