Easy to Use Microsite Builder and Design Tools

Clatter's Microsite Maker allows you to take control of your online presence. No design or web developer resources needed.

A faster (cheaper) path to build microsites

Microsite Builder and Design Tools

Microsite Maker is a fast and easy way to create robust marketing and sales microsites or even single landing pages. No unwieldy content management system. No web designer or developer. No long timeline. Our microsite builder allows you to just point, click, and publish.

Our microsite builder allows you to choose from pre-designed templates and pre-populated content blocks. Customize the page experience with document downloads, demo videos, graphics and more.  Co-brand the microsite or page, for a more personalized approach to clients or prospects. Easily reframe the same content for multiple audiences with minor content tweaks and custom URLs.

Easily enforce brand compliance with standardization—so every page or site you host is aligned to your brand guidelines.

Create an easy user experience via clear, standardized page navigation. Control who sees your page or site with password protection when needed.

Access the cloud-based solution from anywhere. Manage page templates, content and users from a central admin area. Control usage, enabling access and control on a template-by-template basis. 

Use Google Analytics or any other standard web analytics platform to track your visitors and usage metrics with our microsite builder.

“90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales material because it is irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to customize.”


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