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National Healthcare Company Increases Marketing & Sales Efficiency with Presentation Maker

Midway through their fiscal year, the largest division of a major national healthcare company had a somewhat sudden and unexpected problem that threatened sales efficiency in a major way. They had been using SharePoint to keep their 2,000+ core sales slides organized when Microsoft deprecated what was for them a necessary feature. It had already been difficult and often time-consuming for Sales to find what they were looking for in Sharepoint, and without this key capability, Sharepoint was no longer a viable solution.

Clatter’s Searchable Slide Library Increases Sales Efficiency

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) met with Clatter to explore the possibility of a very simple solution. They wanted a single-page slide library that would replace the way the team had previously used Sharepoint. With this scaled down version of Clatter’s full Presentation Maker product, the team felt their needs would be perfectly met. 

The first step in getting the slide library set up was to make sure that all of the existing 2,000+ sales slides were following PowerPoint design best practices for templates, such as the consistent use of slide masters. With help from the Clatter professional services team, the slides were ready for upload in just two weeks.

The upload took just minutes. The slides were then available to the sales team in the Clatter searchable slide library, making it fast and easy for the sales team to find the slides they needed. The sales team was thrilled with the unexpected improvement to what they had previously thought was a “good enough” way to store their slides.

Clatter Makes Creating & Customizing Content Fast and Easy

It didn’t take long for the sales team to realize that they could build more customized and robust PowerPoint decks with the full Presentation Maker product. Beyond a searchable slide library, Presentation Maker is a flexible, sales content creation tool for creating and customizing PowerPoint slides and entire decks quickly and easily for any device. With Presentation Maker, anyone can create beautiful, on-brand, dynamic, video-rich, and even searchable PowerPoint presentations in just minutes. 

The Clatter team quickly got the healthcare company’s marketing and sales teams up on the full Presentation Maker product. 

The Results: Significant Time Savings for Sales & Marketing

The sales team estimates they are saving 440 hours per rep every year (which translates to  nearly $25,000 per rep every year) – and for the size of their team, that translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are also working faster and more efficiently to respond to customer requests, which they believe is leading to shorter sales cycles and possibly even more deals won.

Marketing hadn’t realized how much they would also benefit from Clatter’s Presentation Maker. They used to be inundated with requests from the sales team for customized presentations and collateral. It would typically take them at least two weeks, often longer, to respond to each request, and they were so busy that they would have to spend their limited budget for contractor help to build new content. Clatter makes it so easy to customize content that the sales team often just does it themselves, freeing up the marketing team to develop new, critically-needed content. An added benefit is that the previously dreaded annual content updates now take only hours versus weeks.

The marketing team estimates they are saving 600 hours per marketer every year (which translates to nearly $40,000 per marketer every year) while also increasing team morale, since employees get to use their content development skills more effectively. They are also thrilled that they no longer have to play “brand police” since it’s impossible for anyone to create or customize presentations or collateral that are not on-brand, as long as they are using Clatter.