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Sales rep presenting data table marketing collateral with Summary Maker

Fortune 25 Healthcare Company Creates Customized Product Grids in Minutes vs Weeks (or more!) with Summary Maker

The marketing team at a national healthcare company is responsible for supporting thousands of sales reps by creating customized presentations and collateral for their meetings with employers and brokers. One of the types of collateral they produce are product grids that are customized for each specific customer and delivered as beautifully designed, on-brand data tables. These product grids are an essential part of the sales process, as brokers and employers use the grids to compare and contrast plans, ultimately choosing the few plans they will present to employees as options.

The marketing team creates about 1,000 product grids every year. Each grid has anywhere from ~500 to 1,000 rows and ~25 columns of data. It is absolutely critical that the data in these tables is 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Before Clatter, Marketing & Design Teams Spent Weeks on Every Single Product Grid

Historically the process for creating a product grid was quite challenging. The product team would deliver the data to the marketing team in a giant Excel spreadsheet. Marketing would then submit a request to the design team through a ticketing system. Getting to the top of the design queue could take at least a few weeks. The design team would then go through a painstakingly detailed process to manually enter data and information, one cell at a time, to create a clean, branded table using desktop publishing software, like Adobe InDesign. 

Despite a very careful design process, from time-to-time the significant amount of manual data entry would invariably lead to human error: a single number might be entered incorrectly, transposed, or left out. To prevent these errors from being presented to customers, the marketing team would spend an immense amount of time proofreading and double-checking each bit of information and each number in each of the ~25,000 cells for every product grid. 

When an error was found, the marketing team would then need to submit another ticket to have the design team fix the error on the designed product grid. Even for a single fix, this would typically take at least another two weeks before the final designed product grid was ready for sales and the customer.

Marketing Turned To Clatter and Found an Easy-to-Implement Solution

The marketing team sought a more efficient solution and found Clatter’s Summary Maker. Summary Maker is a report builder that makes it simple to communicate the complex by pulling data and content directly from spreadsheets into beautiful, on-brand templated tables. With Summary Maker it’s easy to make changes and customizations to both data and table format, adding new rows or columns on the fly, without having to go through rounds of design updates.

To implement Summary Maker, Clatter’s professional services team first worked with the marketing team to create their data intake template linked to a designed product grid.

The Product Team Now Creates Product Grids – 100% Accurate & Beautifully On-brand Every Time

Instead of delivering a giant Excel spreadsheet, the product team now enters any new product information and data directly into the intake template, and then clicks a button to upload it to Clatter. A beautiful, on brand, 100% accurate product grid is automatically created in about 60 seconds. 

If the team wants to make a change for any reason, there is no need to wait in the weeks-long design queue, they simply make the change in the intake template and upload it again to Clatter. The updated product grid is ready in about 60 seconds. If the sales person decides to add, delete, or change rows or columns, it’s no problem – Clatter’s Summary Maker is responsive and automatically produces the product grid to the new specifications, including resizing the table for the most aesthetically pleasing result.

With Summary Maker, sales is able to respond much faster to customer requests, and marketing is no longer spending thousands of hours double-checking every cell of data on every product grid.